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Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation

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  • Nov,14,2022
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A stunning and breath-taking gem of Nepali trekking is the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Manaslu Circuit Trek's situations are fantastical. Despite being a popular and well-known hiking destination, Manaslu Base Camp is hardly visited. Only those with knowledge and experience are willing to take the risk. All four seasons are acceptable for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, however, spring and fall are the best times to go. The trekking around Manaslu Circuit Trek is regarded as both a traditional trek and an adventurous trek.

Less people typically travel the Manaslu circuit trek route. It is physically taxing and distant, but it is also culturally interesting and beautiful. The route takes you into the humid lowlands with its rice and millet terraces, through the massive gorges of the Budi Gandaki, which are home to magnificent waterfalls and turquoise-colored waters. The Manaslu climb has suspension bridges that are unmatched in length and height, and the yearly monsoon frequently washes away smaller bridges, forcing hikers to use partially submerged boulders.

The eighth-highest mountain in the world is Mt. Manaslu. Manaslu is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you love camping or hopping from one teahouse to another.

Teahouse Accommodation in Manaslu Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the top treks in Nepal to see tree houses. Trekkers choose tree huts because they are convenient and simple places to stay.

Soti Khola

Soti Khola could be the next destination after leaving Kathmandu. If you leave early in the morning, you can skip Soti Khola and stay at Machha Khola. There are five guest houses at Sotikhola.

  • House of Fulbari Guests
  • Guest House Satkar
  • Guest House Tsum Valley
  • Guest House Green Valley
  • Guest House ABC

All of these teahouses offer accommodations and basic dining services. Additionally, WIFI and phones are available in the tree cabins for communication.

Maccha Khola

There are four distinct teahouses to choose from in Maccha Khola. Tsum Valley Guest House is who they are.

  • Guest House Hilltop
  • Guest House Everest
  • House Guest Larkey

Along with food and lodging for a fee, the tea house also provides WIFI and even a hot shower.


On the third day of the trek, it takes 7 hours to walk from Maccha Khola to Jagat Khola. Jagat provides satellite phone and WIFI services. In Jagat, there are four guesthouses.

  • Guest House Jagat
  • Inn of Manaslu Shanti
  • Guest House Rubii Nala
  • Hotel for Tourists in the Himalayas

The restricted permit for the Manaslu and Tsum valley trek begins at Jagat, from which point you must present it and register it at the checkpoint.



It is the starting point of the Manaslu restricted area, and the permit must be presented at the checkpoint on the way to Deng. Only three guesthouses are available in Deng: Shangrila Cottage.

Guest House New Manaslu

The Windy Valley Inn

All of these hotels provide WIFI access, however, they don't have hot showers.


You walk from Namrung to Deng and spend the night at the teahouse, which has hot showers and WIFI. You must ascend a steep route for a few hours to get to Namrung's guest homes.

Namrung Thakali Guest House at the Nubri Four Seasons Hotel

Four guesthouses are available to you through Namrung Guest House Lho Lho.


You have access to sky phones, hot showers, and WIFI at Lho's four guest homes. These are: Stunning Manaslu

  • Guest House Tashi Dalek
  • Sama Gaun Guest House
  •  Lama Guest House 
  • Namaste Guest House

Sama Gaun

Sama Gaun, a small community with 7 guesthouses, is located at a height of 3530 meters.

  • Mount Manaslu Guest House Nobri Valley Guest House
  • Guest House Tashi Dalek
  • Guest House Sama Gaun
  • Peace Heaven Guest House Norling Guest House
  • Guest House Gurung Cottage
  • Sama Gaun makes it easy to choose accommodations with good WIFI, hot showers, and satellite phones.


Sama Gaun, which has just three guesthouses and solely offers WIFI, is about four hours from Samdo. Tibetan Twin Hotel is what they are.

  • Hotel Yak
  • Guest House Jambala in Dharamsala


  • Larkey Guest House is them.
  • Guest House Jambala

These modest tea places don't have hot showers or WiFi. You may live an authentically remote Himalayan existence here.


In Bimthang, there are tea houses with hot showers and WiFi. These are the tea rooms:

  • Guesthouse Apple Garden Himalaya
  • Ponker Cottage on Ganga Manslu Mountain
  • Guests' House Sushma


The final trekking location before arriving in Kathmandu is Dharapani. In Dharapani, there are a variety of tea establishments, there are many different types of tea houses that can fit any budget. There are also hot water amenities and WIFI in this location.


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