Manaslu Circuit Trek and Lakes within the region

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  • Oct,20,2022
  • Pratima Pathak
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Mt. Manaslu (8163m) is the 8th highest peak in the world it is one of the most delightful trekking routes, offering pristine mountain views, rich culture, and genuine adventure to sum up the trek experience. Manaslu refers to "The Spirit-Mountain" in the local tongue, referring to the benevolent and strong deity. This region of Nepal sees few trekkers, which makes a visit here more exclusive and unspoiled.  There are some recently opened trails as well and it is also famous for unspoiled trekking trekkers love to explore the virtual beauties in the Manaslu region. Trekking in the Manaslu region offers beautiful mountain vistas and unexpected Topography

Manaslu Circuit Trek Length and Terrain

The Manaslu Circuit trek is 180km in length, roughly 110 miles. Though it can be rocky and uneven in parts, the terrain on the trek is on a well-trodden path all the way. There is no rock climbing or ‘mountaineering’ that requires equipment. It requires a walk all the way, although some of the hills can be steep and never-ending! You will meet people along the way, and also yaks. The only rule of the road is that; when meeting an oncoming yak, always ensure to step to a side towards the inside of the trail, in order to avoid the cliff edge on the other side. Poles are useful, depending on if you have a personal preference for using them or whether you have problems with your knees. 

The highest point of the trek to Larkya La Pass (5135m) climbs hastily, and at times the pass can be slippery. The ascent is not overly difficult and the path is well-used. The procedure begins after Samdo village, crossing the high pass is an exhausting day and the walking is made harder by the direct exposure to altitude.  We need enough rest and acclimatization days prior to this and we walk very slowly. The top of Larkya La provides astonishing panoramic views of Manaslu, Cheo Himal, Himal Chuli, and Himlung Himal. 

It is usually hot during the day (up to 20ºC) and cool in the evening (average 5ºC) with little wind and occasional rain showers in the afternoon. The trail enters the Nupri Region inhabited by Tibetan immigrants after Lho village,  you will find yourself closer to culture, religions, and local people.

Lakes in Manaslu Region

Birendra Lake

Located in the Manaslu glacier in the Gorkha district in north-central Nepal, Birendra Lake is an astonishing freshwater lake formed by the melting of the Manaslu glaciers. Birendra lake is near Punhyen Glacier and Gompa in Samagaun. The Trail begins at Samaguan and it tends to become a 45-minute turn from Sama Gaon where we find lodges, houses, and many more sites for night stays. There are also base camps to stay at if you want to hike back to Samaguan. Generally, it is a short preoccupation from the primary trail and the lake can be visited in transit from Sama Gaon to Samdo. Visitors who like to wash and shower in removed waters will think it’s agreeable to plunge into its nippy ice water.

Ponkar Lake

 Ponkar Lake (3964m) trekking is popular as a short Manaslu Trek in Manaslu Region. Ponkar Lake is located near Bimthang. Bimthang trekking is also popular among trekkers. Ponkar lake is made from Himlung and the glaciers of other many mountains. While descending from Larkya Laa Pass, a very clear lake can be seen and it would be better to visit this Tal if you have a day's rest in Bhimthang. Ponker Lake Trip is the most exciting trek in Nepal but also the most unappreciated trekking location to date. This wonderfully preserved lake has only recently received scant global acclaim and attracted a small following. 

The location offers a breathtaking outlook, varied landscapes, and wilderness. Ponker Lake Trek hasn’t yet succeeded in attracting a steady amount of domestic and foreign tourists.  Ponkar Lake trekking offers us a spectacular view of Mt. Manaslu, Himchuli, Ponkar Peak and Nike Peak.  

Nayamlo Lake

Nayamlo Lake is situated southwest of Ponkar Lake and north of Bimdan Glacier. It has an elevation of 4,089 meters.

Dona Lake

Dona lake trek lies at a high altitude of 4,250 meters. The trek duration for Dona Lake is 8 days. You can find various homestays and lodges during the trek. The best time to visit Dona Lake is from March to November.

Kal Tal

Kal Tal lies at a high altitude of 3685m. During October, the high temperature is expected to be around 13.3°C and lows down to -0.7°C at Kal Tal. We recommend a side trip to Kal Tal. One day can be managed to spend Prok village and the side trip to Kal Tal. It takes about 5-6 hours to Round Trip Lake from the village of Prok. The mountain scenery from the lake is superb only in clear weather. Clouds cover the mountains even early in the morning in early autumn and late spring So planning needs to be done accordingly. 


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