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The Manaslu Circuit trek Terrain

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  • Nov,09,2022
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The Manaslu Circuit trek is 180 kilometers, or 110 miles, long. The terrain of the walk is on a well-traveled trail the entire way, though it can be rough and difficult in some places. There is no need for equipment for activities like "mountaineering" or rock climbing. Although some slopes can be steep and never-ending, getting there requires walking. Both people and yaks are encountered along the route. The single regulation of the road is to always step to the inside of the track when meeting an approaching yak in order to avoid the cliff edge on the other side. Depending on whether you have a personal preference for

The Larkya La Pass trek's highest point (5135m) climbs quickly, and the pass can occasionally be treacherous. The ascent is not particularly challenging, and the path is well-travelled. Following Samdo hamlet, the procedure begins. Crossing the high pass requires a long day of trekking, which is made more difficult by direct exposure to altitude. We walk extremely slowly since we need to have adequate rest and acclimatization days before this. Amazing panoramic views of Manaslu, Cheo Himal, Himal Chuli, and Himlung Himal can be seen from the summit of Larkya La.

It is typically warm during the day (up to 20oC) and cools at night (average 5oC), with minimal wind and sporadic afternoon rain showers. The route enters the region of Nupri during the Manaslu circuit trek.

After Lho village, the trail reaches the Nupri Region, which is home to Tibetan immigrants. Here, you'll be more in touch with the locals' culture, religion, and way of life.

Lakes in the Manaslu Region

Lake Birendra

Birendra Lake, a great freshwater lake created by melting Manaslu glaciers, is situated in the Gorkha district of north-central Nepal, close to the Manaslu glacier. In Samagaun, Birendra Lake lies close to Punhyen Glacier and Gompa. The Samaguan Trail starts there, and Sama Gaon, where we can find lodges, houses, and numerous more places to spend the night, is about a 45-minute detour away. If you choose to hike back to Samaguan, there are base camps where you can spend the night. Typically, visiting the lake just requires a brief diversion off the main trail.

Generally speaking, the lake can be viewed while traveling from Sama Gaon to Samdo because it is only a brief diversion off the main trail. Visitors who enjoy showers and baths in cold water will find it acceptable to dip their toes in the water.

Lake Ponkar

In the Manaslu region, trekking to Ponkar Lake (3964m) is well-liked as a quick Manaslu side trip. Bimthang is close to Ponkar Lake. Trekking in Bimthang is also well-liked by hikers. Himlung and the glaciers of the other several mountains make up Ponkar Lake. It would be best to visit this Tal if you had a day of rest in Bhimthang because it can be viewed as you descend from Larkya Pass. The most popular trip is Ponker Lake.

The most thrilling trip in Nepal is the Ponker Lake Trip, which is also the least popular trekking destination to date. This beautifully conserved lake has only recently gained a limited following and little worldwide recognition. The area offers a stunning view, a diverse terrain, and wilderness. Ponker Lake Trek hasn't yet been able to consistently draw both domestic and international travellers. We have a breathtaking view of Mt. Manaslu, Himchuli, Ponkar Peak, and Nike Peak while trekking around Ponkar Lake.

Nayamlo Lake

Nayamlo Lake is located north of Bimdan Glacier and southwest of Ponkar Lake. It is 4,089 meters above sea level.

Pond Dona

The Dona Lake Trek is located at an altitude of 4,250 meters. The Dona Lake hike takes eight days to complete. While on the journey, you can stay in a variety of lodges and homestays. Dona Lake is best visited between March and November.

Kal Tal

Kal Tal is located at an elevation of 3685 meters. At Kal Tal, the peak temperature in October is predicted to be around 13.3°C and the low temperature will be -0.7°C. We advise making a detour to Kal Tal. Prok hamlet and the detour to Kal Tal can be completed in one day. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to accomplish the circuit trek.

Only in clear weather is the lake's view of the mountains magnificent. In early autumn and late spring, the mountains are clouded over even early in the morning, so preparation must be done properly. Only in clear weather is the lake's view of the mountains magnificent. In early autumn and late spring, the mountains are clouded over even early in the morning, so preparation must be done properly before the Manaslu Circuit trek


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